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(ad) Cardamom Pear Galettes

These galettes are perfect for winter and fall, as they are warming, lightly spiced and all around a super comforting sweet treat. I teamed up with my friends at Nature's Charm to create this recipe and as always when I use their condensed coconut milk it turned out great! It adds such a nice sticky, caramel-y and delicious sweetness to the dish and I cannot recommend this enough. Bring it to a party to impress your friends or enjoy at home on the weekend, it's up to you!

Pastry: 300g flour

150g dairy free butter

85g granulated sugar

0.75 tsp fine table salt

60g cold water

Filling: 2 pears approx 150g each (total 300g) 7tbsp Natures Charm sweetened condensed coconut milk

1tsp cardamom

10-20g pistachios (kernels)

1tsp cinnamon

1tbsp melted vegan butter

Other: 2tbsp melted vegan butter + 2tsp granulated sugar for brushing on top

2 scoops vegan ice cream to serve

Method: Start by adding all dry ingredients for the pastry into a bowl and mix well. Then add in cubes of cold vegan butter and use a knife or pastry cutter to slice it into small pieces throughout the dough. You can also use your fingers to pinch the last remaining lumps of butter but make sure the butter doesn't melt. You want the pieces to be no larger than about the size of a pea. Then slowly add in the ice cold water and combine/knead until it forms a rough dough. Put the dough on a flat surface and just knead it lightly/pack it together into a disc. Wrap in plastic wrap and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. In the meanwhile, core your pears and slice into thin slices. Mix 3tbsp sweetened condensed coconut milk with cinnamon, melted butter and cardamom and set aside. Chop your pistachios.

Once the pastry is rested, cut in half, pat each dough piece into a ball or disc and using lots of flour, roll each pastry out into a rough circle/square about 0.5 cm thick, leaving about 4-5 cm of the edges dry. Place onto a parchment paper. Spread on 2 tbsp condensed milk to the middle, leaving a few cm bare around the edges. Fan out half of your pear slices per galette to cover the condensed milk part of the dough. Drizzle on the cinnamon/cardamom/condensed milk mixture and rub onto the pear slices to ensure they are completely covered. Sprinkle on a handful of the chopped pistachios. Slice off any excess dough so you have about 4-5cm of dough all around the edges. Fold the edges of the dough inwards over the pears but not covering it completely (as you can see I've done in the photos). Brush with melted dairy free butter, sprinkle on a bit of granulated sugar and bake at 200C for 45 minutes or until golden brown. You can either bake them one at a time or both on the same tray if you have room for it. Leave the galettes to cool before serving with a scoop of ice cream, a few more chopped pistachios and if you're feeling fancy, sprinkle on some dried flower petals.

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