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(ad) Jackfruit Sandwiches

These sandwiches featuring Nature’s Charm Sriracha Jackfruit are heavily inspired by the Vietnamese masterpiece that is the banh mi. However, this recipe uses a different kind of baguette than what is traditional and it does lack a few essential components in order for it to qualify as a banh mi in my eyes (paté and Maggi seasoning especially) I’ve decided to just call them sriracha jackfruit sandwiches. Either way they are DELISH, and I really hope you give them a go as they’re super easy to assemble and make such a great filling meal packed with flavour!


2 tins Nature’s Charm sriracha jackfruit

1 baguette

1 carrot

⅓ of a cucumber

4-5 leaves cos lettuce

Vegan cream cheese

Chopped peanuts

Fresh coriander

Method: Cook the jackfruit in 2 tbsp oil over medium-high heat until crispy and golden.

Julienne your carrot and cucumber (aka slice them into sticks). Wash and halve the cos lettuce leaves. Toast the baguette slightly in the oven and slice it into two segments that have your desired sandwich-length. Slice each sandwich down the middle, leaving just a little bit connected along the other end. Spread a generous layer of vegan cream cheese at the bottom, add a layer of lettuce and a generous handful of cucumber and carrot slices. Layer in some sriracha jackfruit and sprinkle on some fresh coriander and chopped peanuts to finish it off. Enjoy!

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