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Almond Butter Salted Caramel Açai

My all time favourite açai bowl. I really do feel like I'm downgrading whenever I make an açai that isn't this one, and not to brag.. but it's better than most açai bowls I've had at cafés too so I'm really not feeling like I'm missing out while in lockdown here in Melbourne! If you're into smoothie bowls I suggest you make this as soon as humanly possible. Trust me. You won't regret it!

Ingredients (makes 1 bowl):

150g frozen banana

50g frozen blueberries

50g frozen acai (I normally use 1/2 packet of frozen Sambazon original acai)

30g frozen strawberries

50g frozen mango

10g salted caramel protein powder

15g almond butter

How to make:

Simply add everything to a high speed blender, blend until super smooth and pour into a bowl! I like to top mine with granola, fresh fruit, more almond butter and some coconut yoghurt.

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