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Basic Oatmeal

I swear pretty much all my breakfast bowls look like this these days but I’m just OBSESSED with oats topped with almond butter and frozen blueberries! I always get questions about what the recipe for my oats are but for some reason it just never made it to the blog. Well here it is for your future reference: my basic oatmeal recipe!


40g quick cooking oats

240g plant milk/water

30g banana

10g protein powder of choice

A pinch of salt

A pinch of cinnamon or cardamom

Cook for a few minutes until thick and creamy, top with what ever you want. For the one pictured I used almond butter, frozen berries, pumpkin seeds and maple syrup.

Please tag me in a photo if you try this as I love getting your feedback and it always makes my day when someone makes one of my recipes!

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