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Berry Oat Parfait with a Choc Shell

I know I'm late to the whole chocolate shell food-trend but with this one I'd say it's better late than never. This was so much fun to make and not to mention absolutely delicious!


40g quick oats

50g mixed frozen berries (can also use just raspberries or blueberries, up to you!)

10 chia seeds

200g soy milk

1tbsp maple syrup

a splash of vanilla

Toppings/for layering:

20g dark chocolate to melt on top

4 strawberries to chop up for layering

a few spoonfuls of your favourite nut butter


Start by mixing all ingredients except for the toppings in a bowl and placing in the fridge to soak for a minimum of 2 hours, but ideally over night. Give it another stir once soaked to ensure all the berries and are thawed and evenly distributed throughout the oats. Layer in a jar with nut butter and chopped strawberries. Melt 20g chocolate (either by zapping for 10 second intervals in the microwave or over a pot of boiling water) and carefully drizzle/spread out on top. Place back in the fridge until hardened and add any other toppings you might want. Crack into it and enjoy!

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