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Biscoff Açaí Bowl

Biscoff spread/cookie butter and açaí purée sounds like two things that shouldn't work together, but trust me, they do. This açaí bowl is sweet yet refreshing, and such a fabulous breakfast to make on warm days or days when you're feeling like Biscoff for breakfast.


20g caramelised cookie protein powder (I used one from Macro Mike, but you can sub for vanilla or caramel protein powder and a spoonful or two of Biscoff spread)

200g frozen banana

50g frozen raspberries

50g frozen blackberries

50g frozen açaí purée

Toppings: Biscoff spread

Crushed Biscoff cookies


Pumpkin seeds

Fresh mango

Method: Add all ingredients to a high speed blender or food processor and blend until super smooth. Transfer to a bowl, melt your Biscoff spread for a few seconds in the oven, add all your toppings and drizzle the Biscoff on top to finish. Enjoy!

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