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Biscoff Iced Coffee

If you love coffee and you love Biscoff this recipe is for you! It's a super delicious recipe that I love to make whenever I'm craving a sweet treat in the summer. I make this in a cortado glass which is smaller than your average latte glass and makes for a stronger coffee taste. If you're not huge on coffee you can of course make it in a latte glass and add more milk to make it milder in taste. Either way I hope you try out, and love, this one!


1 shot of espresso

1 heaped tsp Biscoff spread

oat milk to top up the drink

2-3 large ice cubes


Place a heaped spoonful Biscoff spread in a cortado-sized glass and pull a shot of espresso on top. Stir until the Biscoff spread starts to dissolve in the espresso. Use a milk frother whisk to whisk the coffee and Biscoff spread until completely combined and dissolved. Add ice cubes and top with oat milk to fill the glass. Enjoy!

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