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Blueberry and Blackberry Crumble

Dessert, lunch, breakfast, brunch: whatever you're making this recipe fits the bill. I've had a massive obsession with blackberries and blueberries this winter and this crumble is just such a great way to satisfy my berry cravings. It's also got some pretty nutritious ingredients in there so I find it works great as a comforting and filling breakfast as well!

Ingredients: Crumble topping: 40g oats

20g almond flour

20g spelt flour

15g sugar (you can use whichever sugar you like, coconut, white, brown, all should work fine)

20g plant milk

50g coconut butter

a pinch of salt

Filling: 190g frozen blackberries

160g frozen blueberries

10g sugar

4g/1tsp cornstarch

10g lemon juice

Add all ingredients for the filling in a bowl and toss together until the berries are evenly coated in the cornstarch and sugar. Add to an oven safe baking dish. Mix all ingredients for the crumble topping in another bowl and sprinkle on top of the berry mixture. Bake at 200 degrees for 40 minutes. Leave to cool before serving with whichever toppings you want. Vegan custard, coconut yoghurt or ice cream all work well here!

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