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Blueberry Crumble Baked Oats

Baked oats are a great breakfast whether it's on the weekend or a weekday, and this blueberry crumble is sure to hit that sweet spot between being a dessert and nourishing breakfast. Super warming, cozy and delicious. If you give this a go tag me on instagram @mealsbymiri so I can see your creations!


Oat layers 60g oats

120ml soy milk

80g mashed banana

1tsp sugar

1tsp baking powder

1tsp cardamom

1 pinch salt

Blueberry layer 150g frozen blueberries

1tsp cornstarch

1tbsp sugar

1tsp lemon juice

Method: Start by mashing your banana and combining it in a bowl with oats, soy milk, sugar, baking powder, cardamom and salt. Mix well and set aside. In another bowl, combine all ingredients for the blueberry mixture well. To a small oven safe dish, add about 2/3 of the oat mixture to the bottom. Add the blueberry mix on top and then add dollops of the remaining oat mixture on top. Place in a preheated oven at 200C and bake for 25 minutes. Serve with blueberries, vegan yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and any other toppings you might want.

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