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Cardamom Pear Chia Pudding

This fall-inspired warming pear and cardamom chia pudding is perfect for chilly mornings and can be prepped ahead of time for a quick and easy breakfast! You can definitely meal prep this in big batches and keep both the baked pear and chia pudding in the fridge to have throughout the week if you wish, but I do recommend warming the pear up before serving to fully be able to enjoy the warming sensation that this dish gives you. Remember to tag me @mealsbymiri if you give this a go so I can see your creation!

Ingredients: 40g chia seeds

200g sweetened soy milk (can use an unsweetened one and add a splash of maple syrup)

15g vegan salted caramel protein powder

1 pear

1tsp lemon juice

1tsp cardamom

1tbsp maple syrup

0.5 tbsp vegan melted butter or neutral oil

a handful of blueberries

a handful of granola

Combine chia seeds, soy milk and protein powder in a bowl and leave in the fridge overnight to set up. The morning after, cube your pear and add to an oven safe dish along with lemon juice, maple syrup, cardamom and melted vegan butter. Toss together and place in the oven at 200C, bake for 40 minutes, giving the pears a stir every 10 minutes to ensure they bake evenly.

Assemble by adding the chia pudding to a bowl and topping with granola, your baked pear and some blueberries.

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