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Chocolate Biscoff Oat parfait

A delicious breakfast parfait with two of my favourite flavours, chocolate and Biscoff! It's easy to make but looks super fancy, so why not make this as a lazy treat-yourself breakfast over the weekend?


40g quick oats

40g mashed banana

100g water

100g plant milk (I used soy)

2tsp cocoa powder

12g vegan chocolate protein powder

A pinch of salt For toppings:

A few spoonfuls Lotus Biscoff spread

Frozen berries

Vegan yoghurt of choice


Method: Add all ingredients to a pot and simmer until nice and thickened and the oats are soft. In a jar or glass, smear some biscoff spread along the inside edge, add your oats and top with yoghurt, chocolate, berries and a drizzle of melted biscoff spread. Enjoy!

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