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Chocolate French Toast

This is the french toast for all chocolate lovers, and the name of the recipe probably explains why. I've added an extra touch of chocolate to my vegan french toast batter for an extra decadent vegan breakfast recipe, so if you're craving something delicious sweet and chocolate-y why not give this a go?


20g chickpea flour

20g granulated sugar*

1tsp nutritional yeast

A tiny pinch black salt**

130g plant based milk

2tsp cocoa powder

1tsp vanilla extract

2-4 slices of stale white bread

*You can add 5-10g more sugar if you’re using unsweetened milk

**Black salt isn't essential but does provide the "eggy" flavour. You can sub with some regular salt if you don't have it though.

Method: Blend all ingredients except from the bread until smooth, pour into a shallow dish. Heat a pan to medium heat and add some vegan butter. Once the butter has melted dip your slices of bread into the mixture until coated on both sides. Cook in the pan until golden on both sides and serve with some whipped vegan cream, chopped chocolate and maple syrup (or any other toppings you might want!)

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