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Chocolate Pancake Cereal

Yep, I'm still digging the mini pancakes even long after the trend has gone. I mean how could you not, they're pancakes... but cuter.. and in a bowl?? These are the ultimate breakfast for when I'm craving something sweet and delicious in the morning, and let's face it... when am I not.


110g spelt flour

10g cocoa powder

30g vegan chocolate protein powder*

230g unsweetened plant milk

1tsp baking powder

15g granulated sugar

*you can skip this and just add a little bit of sugar and reduce the liquids by about 10-15g


Whisk all dry ingredients together, add the plant based milk and mix again until smooth. Spoon in about 1tsp of pancake batter per pancake into a pan. Flip once they start to cook through around the edges/bubbles start forming on top. Once all cooked through, add to a bowl with all of your favourite toppings!

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