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Chocolate Raspberry Overnight Oats

How many choc raspberry recipes do I have on the blog now? Honestly I've lost count. But hey I guess that goes to show just how good this flavour combo is! Tangy, sweet, rich, bitter and refreshing. The ultimate breakfast bowl if you ask me, so please give this recipe a go and tag me @mealsbymiri if you try it!

Ingredients: 40g oats

40g banana

135g soy milk

7g chia seeds

4g cocoa powder

10g chocolate protein powder

a pinch of salt Toppings:

a handful of fresh raspberries

½ passion fruit


1tbsp coconut yoghurt

Method: Mash your banana and add to a jar with the oats, soy milk, chia seeds, cocoa powder, protein powder and salt. Mix everything well and leave in the fridge overnight. Transfer to a bowl the next day, mash some raspberries and swirl into the oats. Top with more berries, granola, yoghurt and passion fruit.

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