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Chotto Motto - restaurant review

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Chotto Motto in Collingwood during lunchtime to try out their vegan menu options. Being the sister restaurant of Japanese heaven on earth, Wabi Sabi, it's safe to say my expectations for this place were sky-high. However, it did not disappoint.

With its interior designed to resemble a Japanese gangster-bar, stepping into the restaurant makes you feel like you've entered into another world. In addition to the unique cocktail menu a vending machine filled with soft drinks and Japanese craft beer is also available.

The lunch menu features several vegan options that are not available in the evening, including the agedashi tofu and Tofu katsu curry. In addition we

had the opportunity to try their two different varieties of vegan gyoza. All of these dishes were incredibly tasty and well done, although I have to say the agedashi tofu did fall just short of the rest. Their Curry definitely lives up to that of its sister locations Neko Neko and Wabi Sabi, and stands out with its incredibly flavourful smoked tofu katsu on top. This dish alone should be enough to convince you to pay them a lunchtime visit. However, that being said you will definitely not leave hungry should you decide to come during dinner time. The pan fried tofu gyoza were incredibly crispy and flavourful. The other variety was boiled in chili oil which had just the perfect level of spice. I personally would say I prefer my gyoza pan fried, but there's no harm in trying them both.

I am dead set on coming back to this place and working my way through the rest of their vegan options. No dish shall be left untouched.

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