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Gingerbread Pancake Cereal

One of the best parts about the festive season? Spending time having cozy breakfasts in my pajamas while watching Christmas movies! This bowl of gingerbread flavoured pancake cereal is the perfect breakfast for two to share with a loved one during this festive season, or if you're very hungry, you can enjoy it on your own!

Ingredients: 100g spelt flour

20g protein powder (I used caramel but you can use whichever flavour you want)

1 tsp baking powder

0.5 tsp cinnamon

0.25 tsp ginger

0.25 tsp allspice

0.25 tsp nutmeg

0.25 tsp cloves

a pinch of salt

10g granulated sugar

200g plant milk

10g molasses


Whisk all dry ingredients together. Mix molasses and the plant based milk until the molasses is fully dissolved. Add to the dry ingredients and mix again until smooth. Spoon in about 1tsp of pancake batter per pancake into a pan. Flip once they start to cook through around the edges/bubbles start forming on top. Once all cooked through, add to a bowl with all of your favourite toppings! I like to add some crushed up gingerbread cookies, nut butter, fruit and powdered sugar.

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