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Iced Oat Blueberry Latte

Blueberry lattes seem to be the new thing in coffee right now and I just had to try putting my own spin on this combination of berries and coffee. This drink is made with a sweet and refreshing blueberry syrup layered with oat milk, espresso and cold foam for a perfectly balanced and refreshing iced latte to enjoy on warm days!


1 shot espresso

4-5 ice cubes

2-3tbsp blueberry syrup

Blueberry syrup: 200g frozen blueberries

150g caster sugar

100g water

Cold foam:

2tbsp whippable vegan cream

2tbsp oat milk

2,5tsp blueberry syrup

Add all ingredients for the syrup into a pot and simmer for about 10 minutes. Transfer to a blender and blend until smooth. Transfer to a jar or bowl and set in the fridge to cool. Once cooled, make the cold foam by adding 2,5tsp blueberry syrup, 2tbsp oat milk and 2tbsp whippable vegan cream (I used Gryr) to a glass or tall container, and whisking with a milk frother until it's nice and frothy. Add more milk as needed until you have a light foam with your desired consistency. The exact quantities might vary depending on your whisk, the brand of cream/milk you use and the shape of your container, so you really have to just try it out and find out what works for you. Assemble the latte by first spooning in a couple tablespoons blueberry syrup to the bottom of your glass. Add Ice cubes almost all the way to the top and add oat milk, leaving just enough room for espresso and a layer of cold foam. Add the espresso, top it off with the blueberry cold foam and enjoy!

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