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Overnight Blended Oats with Choc Top

I know I'm late to the party, but honestly with this trend I'd say rather late than never definitely applies. These overnight blended oats with a chocolate ganache topping were super delicious and simple to make, and will definitely be part of my breakfast repertoire moving forwards! Digging in to this jar of oats was so dang satisfying.


40g quick oats

50g mashed banana

15g vegan vanilla protein powder

150g soy milk

Ganache: 15g melted vegan chocolate

30g vanilla soy yoghurt

Method: Mix all ingredients for the oats and refrigerate overnight. Blend them until smooth the next morning before serving and transfer them to a glass/jar. Melt chocolate and mix with yoghurt. Pour on top and either place back in the fridge to set or just enjoy right away.

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