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Pink Dragon Fruit Bowl

Dragon fruit, pitaya, pitahaya, whatever you want to call it, this bowl is delicious and packed with it! I recently bought a bag of frozen pink dragon fruit at the shops and of course I had to make a recipe for a smoothie bowl with it. The good thing about dragon fruit is that it's quite neutral in flavour, and as such is super easy to pair with other flavours! Now you can buy fresh dragon fruit and freeze it at home, but if you want your bowl to look like this one make sure you buy one with pink flesh. The majority of fresh ones you find in stores are white, which will be similar in flavour but obviously result in a very different colour in the finished result. Either way I hope you try this recipe out and tag me @mealsbymiri so I can see your results!


170g frozen banana

80g frozen mango

120g frozen pink dragon fruit

10g vanilla protein powder


Blend and serve with fresh fruit, coconut yoghurt and chia and/or hemp seeds!

Enjoy and please don't forget to tag me @mealsbymiri on Instagram if you give this one a go, I love seeing your creations.

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