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Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl (ad)

It's October but it's also spring here in Australia so I figured it was about time I combined the two into a massive pumpkin cheesecake smoothie bowl for this months Cocobella recipe! Perfect for those warm days where you still want the taste of pumpkin spice. And honestly this bowl is absolutely massive, I shared it with my boyfriend so if you want to halve the recipe or split it into two servings feel free to do so! However, if you want to eat the whole thing yourself don't let anyone stop you. As always, portion sizes are totally individual so you just eat as much as you feel like!


500g frozen banana

140g pumpkin puree

20g vegan protein powder (I recommend either a caramel or vanilla flavoured one)

80g Cocobella vanilla coconut yoghurt

1tsp cinnamon

1tsp powdered ginger

0,5tsp cloves

0,25tsp freshly grated nutmeg

Simply blend all the ingredients together until smooth and serve with whatever toppings you'd like! I used some pumpkin seeds, peanut butter, walnuts, hemp seeds and more coconut yoghurt.

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