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S'mores filled easter eggs

I started making my own easter eggs last year and for Easter 2022 I created two cheesecake filled easter egg variations that you can see here. It's time to bring them back and this time with a new twist, say hello to my s'mores easter eggs! The mousse like cream cheese filling is the same, but this time I've added mini marshmallows and biscuits to create that classic crunchy and sweet s'mores experience.

For two whole eggs:

4x half-egg shaped moulds (mine were approx 7-8cm long)

200g dairy free chocolate*

*My chocolate was around 50-60% cocoa. You may need more or less chocolate depending on the size of your moulds.


50g whippable vegan cream

25g icing sugar

25g vegan cream cheese

25g mini marshmallows

20g (5) crackers/biscuits*

10-20g chopped chocolate

*We don't have graham crackers where I live so I used marie biscuits instead. Any plain sweet biscuit will do.

NOTE: The quantities listed for the filling may be hard to whip up with an electrical beater, so feel free to double this if you find it challenging to make such a small batch.

Method: Make your eggs the day before. Chop the chocolate and melt in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. You can temper the chocolate if you know how to, but it's not necessary. Use a spoon to spread a thin layer of melted chocolate into each egg mould. Place face down on a plate lined with parchment paper, and chill in the fridge for 5-10 minutes until set. Keep the melted chocolate over low heat in the meanwhile. Remove from the fridge and repeat the process. Keep doing this until you have about 3-5 layers of chocolate, or the egg reaches your desired thickness. Let the chocolate moulds set in the fridge overnight. The day after, pop the chocolate eggs out of the mould and store in a cool place while you make the filling. To make the filling, simply whisk icing sugar and cream cheese until smooth. Add vegan cream and whip until it reaches a stiff peak consistency. Chop the biscuits and fold in to the filling with mini marshmallows. Fill two halves of the eggs with the filling, sprinkle on some chopped chocolate, melt the edges of the other two egg halves on a warm pan and place on top to seal the eggs. Let them set completely in the fridge and enjoy! Since this recipe has biscuits in it I would recommend eating the eggs fairly soon after making.

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