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Speculaas smoothie bowl

Back when I lived in Norway I used to travel a lot to different countries in Europe and would always pick up some speculaas spread and cookies whenever I was visiting Germany. Apparently these cookies are called spekulatius in German, speculoos in Belgian-Dutch and speculaas in Dutch, but whichever name you know them by they're totally delicious. I'm not sure if they're exclusively consumed around Christmas but from my limited research they seem to be traditionally baked around St. Nicolas' day in the Netherlands? The flavours and spices in them are definitely reminiscent of the holidays for me though so I figured this speculaas-flavoured smoothie bowl would be a great addition to this years festive recipes! As always, please snap a photo and tag me @mealsbymiri on Instagram if you make this, it always makes my day!

Ingredients: 250g banana

15g salted caramel protein powder (can sub for 1tsp maple/date syrup and 1tsp maca powder)

10g almond butter

0.5tsp cinnamon

0.5tsp ginger

0.5tsp cardamom

0.25tsp cloves

How to: Blend all the ingredients together until completely smooth, top with almond butter, bananas, nuts and seeds and whichever other toppings you might want!

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