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Spelt Protein Pancakes

Simple and delicious pancakes for one! This recipe can of course be doubled or tripled if you're having guests over, but for early mornings where you feel like making yourself something wholesome and delicious to start the day this is your go-to! These are also super versatile and can be dressed up with any toppings you like to switch things up.


90g spelt flour

20g vegan vanilla protein powder

1tsp baking powder

160g soy milk


Whisk together flour, protein powder and baking powder until fully combined. Add soy milk and whisk until just combined. Add about 2 tbsp of the batter per pancake to a non-stick pan over medium and cook until until bubbles start to form or it starts to cook around the edges. Flip the pancakes and fry until cooked through. Repeat the process until all of the batter is used up. Add yoghurt, berries and any other toppings you might want on top and enjoy!

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