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The Perfect Tofu Scramble

With Easter coming up I figured it was about time I shared a tofu scramble recipe! Not too sure what traditions are around the world but I would always eat a whole lot of eggs as a child when I went on our yearly easter cabin-trip with my family so here's an easter themed savoury breakfast for all my fellow vegans (or anyone else who don't want to eat eggs). I would highly recommend going out to get the correct ingredients for this one, as the black salt is crucial for that eggy flavour, and only silken tofu will give you the right texture. So if you were wanting to make any swaps in that department, consider yourself warned!


300g silken tofu

3/8 tsp black salt

1tsp nutritional yeast

1/8 tsp (or just a pinch) turmeric

2 tsp vegan butter

1 tsp cornstarch

40ml (2.5tbsp) plant milk


Add the tofu to a cold pan and mash lightly with a spatula. Turn the pan to medium heat.

Add black salt, nutritional yeast and turmeric and stir it into the tofu. Add the vegan butter and mix that in too. Mix your cornstarch and plant milk in a separate bowl until it forms a lump free slurry and pour it gradually into the tofu while stirring. Cook until it thickens and serve with whatever you wish! I used a basic bread roll with vegan cream cheese and topped it with chili oil and basil.

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