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Vegan Cold Foam

I recently saw a Tiktok by @softpourn on how to make sweet cold foam at home, and decided to try and make my own vegan recipe for this delicious coffee-topping! It's kind of like the foam you get on top of lattes or cappuccinos, except it's cold, perfect for iced lattes and requires no steaming! All you need is a mini whisk (the kind you normally use for milk frothing), a glass and a few simple ingredients.

Ingredients 2tbsp vegan whipping cream (I used Gryr)

2tbsp oatly barista milk (plus a few more splashes as you whisk)

1,5 tsp simple syrup*

Start by adding all ingredients to a glass or tall container. Start whisking until it's nice and frothy. Add more milk as needed until you have a light foam with your desired consistency. The exact quantities might vary depending on your whisk, the brand of cream/milk you use and the shape of your container, so you really have to just try it out and find out what works for you! Pour on top of your latte or cold brew once finished. (This should be served pretty quickly after making it).

*Simple syrup can be made by mixing equal parts (by weight) sugar and water and simmering until all the sugar is dissolved. Then letting it cool completely. You can also probably substitute for a coffee syrup of your liking here.

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