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Vegan "Karbonadesmørbrød"

As part of my Norwegian-themed food month I decided to make this classic Norwegian Smørbrød which is probably one of the lesser known Norwegian dishes internationally! It's main component is a "Karbonade" which is similar to a burger patty and typically made from veal. However, since this is a vegan blog we're of course using a vegan mince instead! Additionally it's typically served with lettuce, some "ertestuing" which is essentially stewed peas, and caramelised onions. My grandad has all my life been the one in the family that has made the best karbonader and they've always been requested at any family gathering and he is constantly being asked for the recipe. It goes without saying that I simply had to base my own recipe off his, so here's my veganised version of my grandads famous karbonadesmørbrød!


400g vegan mince that can be shaped into patties (I used Naturli)

1tsp finely ground black pepper

1tbsp potato flour

1tbsp all purpose/wheat flour

1/2tsp salt

40g unsweetened soy milk

Method: Mix everything together until you have a smooth "dough". Start by shaping and frying up a mini karbonade to taste test and check that you're happy with the seasoning and texture as different vegan minces may need more or less salt and pepper as well as more or less flour/milk. Adjust as needed and then proceed to shape the rest of your dough into 5-7 equal patties depending on your desired size and fry in some vegan butter until golden brown on both sides and cooked through.

Stewed Peas

250g dried green peas

2.5 tbsp vegan butter

1tsp salt

1/2tsp sugar

Method: Soak the peas overnight in water.The next day, add to a large pot and cover with at least a few inches of water. Boil until the peas are completely soft and mushy, adding more water as needed to prevent it from drying out. This can take normally between 4-6 hours. Once the peas are completely soft, cook until the water evaporates while stirring and you’re left with a “pea mash”. Add the butter salt and sugar (to taste) and transfer to an airtight container once cooled. Store in the fridge and heat it up before using.

Caramelised onions:

400g sliced onions

4tbsp neutral oil

Method: Cook the onion in the oil in a pan on medium heat for about 40-60 minutes while stirring constantly until the onions reach your desired level of caramelisation. Add salt to taste and if necessary, some sugar.

To serve:

Sliced bread


Vegan butter

Assemble by spreading a slice of bread with some vegan butter, adding on lettuce and stewed peas, add the karbonade, caramelised onions and cucumber. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner, congratulations on making a classic Norwegian dish!

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