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What To Eat In Brisbane

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

I recently went on a little trip to Brisbane where I had the chance to explore some of the wonderful vegan options they have to offer in the city. Even though there is much left to try I figured I'd give you a summary of some of my favourites! 1. Grassfed

This all-vegan burger joint has some seriously epic burgers on the menu! Their house made veef patties are simply divine and I can say the same for the breaded "chicken" schnitzels I enjoyed. They're also known for what is supposedly some of the best soft serve of all time. However, sadly their soft serve machine was broken at the time I visited and so I only had the chance to try out one of their shakes. The upside? The milkshake was incredible.

2. Mylk + Ko

Along with the next entry on my list this is hands down the best Acai I have ever had in my life. I had their weekly special which was a Brownie bowl as well as their Twix bowl and they were both so good we had to come back a second time during our stay. Cannot recommend this place enough.

3. Cafeine Cafe

As previously mentioned - Cafeine cafe along with Mylk + Ko have both served up the best acai of my life. What really makes Cafeine Cafe so great though was their toppings and serving sizes. How often do you get a full scoop of coconut ice cream on top of your acai?! yeah, I thought so. Not to mention their Avocado toast with cashew butter is an absolutely INCREDIBLE savoury option served up in the most ridiculous and amazing way with a huge flower of spinach on top. We got the peanut butter bowl with added caramel protein powder and the chocolate bowl. The peanut butter was my favourite for sure, but if you're craving something a bit more tangy and refreshing the chocolate bowl is definitely not a bad option.

4. Brewski Bad lighting, amazing burgers, and a killer bottle shop in the basement. These guys use the same "beef" patties as Grassfed and serve them up in these incredibly fluffy maple glazed buns that should not be missed. If you're into craft beer and good burgers this is the place for you. They also have an all vegan bbq platter on the menu which I haven't tried but figured was worth a mention. 5. Miss Bliss Gorgeous location, good coffee and very exciting weekend specials?! yes please. Unfortunately I arrived too late to get my hands on their french toast special and had to settle for their winter greens and and PB choc delight acai bowl. The winter greens is definitely not something that would be my first choice on a menu but it was surprisingly delicious and honestly much needed after a day of travelling. The acai bowl was just as delicious as it sounds. I wasn't a huge fan of the choc fudge sauce that was served on the side but it still worked with the dish and I would highly recommend giving it a go.

6. John Mills Himself

This adorable hidden away cafe is a great place to stop by for coffee. We got a batch brew and a long black to go and they were both great. The cafe has a very limited amount of seats but the atmosphere in the place was fantastic. If you're ever able to find a free spot I'd say it would also be a great place to sit down and relax over a hot beverage.

What are your favourite spots in Brisbane? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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